lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

30 Days Of Ginny

Ginny Goodwin ha decidido hacer una serie de fotografías que comparte en el instagram oficial de Once Upon A Time. @onceabcofficial 


Day 29: Medieval Red Lobster.

Day 28: Bex captioned this one, 5o Shades of Goodwin.

Day 27: clacking

Day 26: The Charmsteins.

Day 25: Wallflowers at the Mother/Son Dance

Day 24: Non-hook-hand-puppet

Day 23:

Day 22:

Day 21 (Part2): My Own Personal Han Solo.

Day 21 (Part 1): My new toy is very popular on the playground.

Day 20: Lock-in at Granny's

Day 19: Portrait of the Photographer as a Star Wars Fan (AKA Runs in her Stockings and Moss in her Petticoat)

Day 18: #30DaysOfGinny #OnceUponATime

Day 17: Right Said Col.

Day 16: Light Swan, Dark Wood.

Day 15: Guinevere for Converse.

Day 14: Mirror, mirror, on the vanity, who's the charmingest man in humanity?

Day 13: Liam in 2015.

 Day 12: Sinqua and the cookies.

Day 11: Lana and the Bananas.

Day 10: Emilie.

Day 9: Wallflowers at the Father/Savior Dance

Day 8: Guinevere in New Balance.

Day 7: Devil for sale

Day 6: Starkucks Club for Boys

Day 5: Sharing a screamer with these glamour girls.

Day 4: Thats's some serious business there, isn't it?

Day 3: Trying to be supportive.

Day 2: Hot

Day 1: Self-portrait of a Portrait.

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